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Interstate compact amends licensure rules at request of AOA

The licensure compact will now recognize the Osteopathic Physician Profile Report as a verification source.

To ensure osteopathic physicians are treated equally under the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact licensure rules, the AOA advocated for the AOA Osteopathic Physician Profile Report to be included in the rules as the primary source verification for DOs.

The proposed rules did not recognize the profile report, which is the primary source verification service used to confirm osteopathic medical education, postgraduate training and specialty board certification for DOs seeking licensure and credentialing approval.

Additionally, while the proposed rules recognized the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (AOA-BOS), they failed to provide an accurate description of the bureau’s activities.

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission met earlier this month to discuss and finalize rules for licensure eligibility. The AOA provided testimony at the hearing, seeking inclusion of the AOA profile report for primary source verification for DOs and an amendment to the AOA-BOS definition.

The Compact Commission voted unanimously to adopt the final rules with the AOA’s requested amendments. This action will ensure that DOs are treated equally under the compact’s licensure rules and allow DOs to use the osteopathic verification service to demonstrate compliance with licensure eligibility criteria under the compact.

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