New horizons

DO to raise osteopathic medicine’s profile on the worldwide stage

As chair of an international medical regulation group, Humayun Chaudhry, DO, is poised to elevate the role of DOs on a global scale.


Upon becoming the new chairman of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), Humayun “Hank” Chaudhry, DO, wasted no time before starting to educate the global health community about the distinctive care osteopathic physicians provide.

During IAMRA’s biennial conference last month, he facilitated a meeting between AOA officials and George Magoha, MD, the president of the Association of Medical Councils of Africa, to discuss challenges DOs have encountered in getting credentials verified to practice in parts of Africa. After learning more about DOs’ education and training, Dr. Magoha pledged to explore what he could do to help.

Throughout his term, Dr. Chaudhry will continue working to elevate the role of osteopathic physicians in the global health care arena. Part of this effort will involve clarifying the distinction between DOs, fully licensed physicians who graduated from an accredited osteopathic medical school in the U.S.; and osteopaths, health care providers who trained outside the U.S. and cannot obtain licensure for the unlimited practice of medicine.

While serving as IAMRA chairman, Dr. Chaudhry will also continue serving as president and CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Ready to lead

Dr. Chaudhry, who became IAMRA chairman-elect two years ago, worked closely with the previous chairman, Niall Dickson, to prepare for this role. The association comprises medical regulators as well as organizations representing pharmacists, nurses and other members of the health care team.

“IAMRA’s global vision is to ensure that everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent health care professionals,” Dr. Chaudhry says.

In addition to giving DOs a global voice, Dr. Chaudhry hopes to implement a physician information exchange to make it easier to share information on licensure and physicians’ backgrounds as patients and physicians become more mobile.

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