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Share your OMT success stories

Your story could help influence policy makers as the AOA continues to educate lawmakers on the value of OMT for treating pain.


DOs know the effectiveness of using osteopathic manipulative medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) to treat illness and injury, including pain. To help policy makers understand the value of OMT as a non-pharmacological alternative to opioid painkillers, the AOA wants to hear your OMT success stories.

You have the option of writing your experiences or shooting a video testimonial with a smartphone or computer webcam. Either entry may be submitted via an online form.

AOA staff will follow up on all submissions to ensure your story is best utilized in the AOA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that legislators consider OMT as a non-pharmacological approach when developing policy.

Additionally, the AOA seeks feedback from DOs who work with the VA or have physician office-based labs for other advocacy efforts. Learn more about sharing your expertise in these areas with staff.

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