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Tennessee changes regulation to recognize DO pain credentials

The Volunteer State accepts the AOA’s proposed changes to recognize osteopathic certification in pain management.


The osteopathic medical profession helped lead legislative changes in Tennessee to recognize AOA pain certifications as equivalent to other board certifications.

The AOA and the Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA) succeeded at codifying AOA subspecialty certifications in pain management and pain medicine as acceptable credentials for pain clinic medical directors in Tennessee. Previously the statute failed to recognize all appropriate pain-related certifications offered by the AOA.

A letter from AOA President John Becher, DO, and TOMA President Gina DeFranco, DO, to the Tennessee State Senate requested an amendment to Senate Bill 1466 to include DOs certified in either pain medicine or pain management. The AOA recognizes both of these certifications as equal for the purpose of qualification for pain clinic ownership and operation.

“We believe that this change will maintain the intent of the original law by ensuring that only qualified physicians with advanced training and competency demonstration in pain treatment can provide this care to Tennessee patients,” Dr. Becher and Dr. DeFranco wrote.

The amended bill was signed by the governor this spring.

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