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AOA endorses pathway to subspecialty certification in addiction medicine

The resolution calls for a mechanism allowing DOs with AOA and ABAM certification to be granted subspecialty addiction medicine certification.

Last week, the Executive Committee of the AOA Board of Trustees passed a resolution providing physicians with a pathway to an AOA subspecialty certification in addiction medicine.

Recently, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) officially recognized addiction medicine as a subspecialty open to physicians certified by any of the 24 ABMS member boards.

The resolution calls for the AOA to create a mechanism allowing DOs with an active primary AOA board certification and American Board of Addiction Medicine certification to be granted subspecialty certification in addiction medicine. DOs will be required to maintain such certification through the AOA’s addiction medicine osteopathic continuous certification process.

“With the exponential increase of substance misuse and addiction, expanding the expert workforce needed to wrestle the challenge is paramount,” said William Morrone, DO, the president of the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine (AOAAM), in a statement.


  1. Dr William Forsythe

    I have called ABAM, ABMS, AOAAM, and ABPM. I am a dual residency trained D.O. in IM/ED and AOBEM board certified ED Dr through the AOA, have been practicing EM for over 15 years and am also working in an addiction medicine clinic. I cannot find any way to be allowed to get boarded in addiction medicine after my many conversations as above, except to do a 12 month fellowship or re-do a residency in some other area recognized by ABMS, such as, repeat EM residency through ABEM. Why is there such a heavy discrimination against residency trained, board certified Osteopathic Physicians in today’s day and age? What can I do about this? Very frustrated and confused. I have sent emails and certified letters to ASAM and ABAM with NO response whatsoever.

  2. Shawn Cannon D.O.,FACOI

    I am an AOA certified internist and fellow of the ACOI. I was waiting for an examination to be given by the AOA. Will I be eligible to be addiction certified by my organization? I have the Essentials of Addiction Medicine certificate. Will I ever be able to be certified by the AOAAM or AOA for Addiction Medicine. I did not take the ABMS Addiction Medicine certification. I am osteopathic boarded and run a residency program and firmly believe in supporting the osteopathic profession. Shawn Cannon D.O., FACOI

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