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AACOM Virtual Hill Day set for March 2

Virtual event allows osteopathic medical students to share their concerns on graduate student loan debt with members of Congress.

Even if you can’t be in DC, Congress needs to hear from osteopathic medical students about your debt and issues facing the future health care workforce. The AOA encourages all osteopathic medical students to Join ED to MED to make sure Congress hears your voice during this Virtual Hill Day.

How to participate

  1. Join AACOM’s Thunderclap. Schedule a social media post to start a virtual movement during the lobby day.
  2. Share your story. Using #DoneWithDebt on your favorite social media platform, share why you’re done with graduate student loan debt and the impact it will have on your future. Be sure to refer to the tips below to get the most out of your message.
  3. Contact your Member of Congress. Whether by email, mail, or social media, Congress needs to hear from you! Join ED to MED for more details about how you can reach out to your policymakers tomorrow.

Tips for sharing your story

Now’s your chance to share your story! Here are a few tips and examples from AACOM to provide some inspiration:


Graduate and professional students are underrepresented in conversations about student debt at the national level. You must speak up and be represented in important policy decisions being debated on Capitol Hill now!

Be personal.

Share the impact your graduate and professional debt has and will continue to have on your personal and professional goals.

Use your network.

Post your story across your favorite social networks, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or something else!

Get creative.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Put a face to your story by sharing your picture along with your #donewithdebt message, or find other creative ways to share your experience with graduate and professional student debt.


Make sure that your profile settings or post settings are set to public so that you’re reaching the most people with your message. As with anything posted publicly on social media, be sure to represent yourself in a professional light.

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