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AOA applauds Supreme Court ruling upholding federal health care subsidies

Decision enables patients to take control of their health and address problems at the earliest, most treatable stages.

Robert S. Juhasz, DO

This morning, the Supreme Court announced its decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) subsidies in all states in its ruling in the case, King v. Burwell. The decision has preserved the subsidized access to care received by 6.4 million people since the ACA was enacted.

The case challenged that the ACA provision exceeded its authority when the Internal Revenue Service provided subsidies in both state-run exchanges and federal exchanges, when the regulation outlined subsidies for state-established exchanges.

The $1.7 billion in federal subsidies provides far more benefit than just making insurance affordable. For the health care community, it means that Americans are visiting their providers to take control of their health and address problems at the earliest, most treatable stages. As a nation, this is realized with lower overall health care costs and in keeping our workforce productive.


  1. J. Edgar

    As a current osteopathic medical student with a BA in political science and background in economic policy, I strongly disagree with the AOA’s assessment of this ruling. The reality of the Affordable Care Act is that the healthcare rationing system has become substantially more inefficient, ineffective, and expensive. With all due respect, this political position is entirely opposed to the enumerated value positions listed on the “About the AOA” page. If the AOA were truly interested in professionally advocating for physicians and public health, it would not support a policy that has accomplished exactly the opposite. Mr. President, as a medical student, I would ask that you begin recognizing my interests and advocating for me. I do not support the Affordable Care Act as a patient or as a physician. I have personally seen the overall quality of healthcare suffer since its passage and costs dramatically increase. When one stops reading soundbyte stories from the media and seeks out what professional analysts and economists write, it becomes clear how flawed this law is.

    Once again, I profoundly disagree with this assessment.

    1. skowalski

      I am not sure what this means when a medical student makes more sense than the president of the AOA. The affordable care act is a disaster to clinicians. People who had insurance now have increased deductibles and copays to the point that it care would be more affordable if they just payed cash. I encounter so many patients whose deductibles are now $5,000-10,000. Due to high deductibles they don’t seek medical care. The only reason that money is being saved on healthcare now is that people are seeking less care due to increased costs. Only the people who didn’t have any coverage before are going to physicians. These are mostly HMO Medicaid patients and it costs us money to take care of them because their medical and social problems are so complex and they drain you of time and resources and let’s not forget that the Medicaid HMO’s are making boat loads of money. “Keeping the workforce productive?” The people who have benefitted the most from ACA are unemployed!

  2. Ted F

    I am disheartened that the AOA would put out this opinion. This does not in any way reflect the opinion of the vast number of physicians associated with the AOA. It is a true shame to see that the AOA is joining the ranks of the AMA in putting out political speak rather than voicing the beliefs of the majority of its membership.

  3. Robert J. Blok, Sr., D.O., F.A O.C.A.

    This Robert Juhasz, D.O. the AOA President, does NOT speak for all of the AOA members. He speaks for himself. He does NOT speak for me. The AOA did not query me as to my thoughts on Obama Care, the most deplorable, inefficient and expensive government health care system ever to hit the pike. The AOA should stick to what it’s supposed to do and that is to represent the D.O.s and advocate for us. The AOA has no place in politics especially when the AOA President uses his office as a personal bully pulpit to promote his personal liberal political views.

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