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In Memoriam: May 29, 2015

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.


The following list of recently deceased osteopathic physicians includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify The DO of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to thedo@osteopathic.org. View a list of past In Memoriam columns here.

Teresa M. Ball, DO, 55 (PCOM 1989), of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, died April 24.

Donald G. Beckman, DO, 90 (DMU-COM 1960), of Des Moines, Iowa, died April 14. Visit Dr. Beckman’s online guest book.

David A. Breazeale, DO, 63 (MSUCOM 1978), of Jupiter, Florida, died March 31. Visit Dr. Breazeale’s online guest book.

Gerald Brickner, DO, 87 (MWU/CCOM 1953), of Farmington Hills, Michigan, died April 10.

James P. Conde, DO, 64 (ATSU-KCOM 1976), of Belpre, Ohio, died April 29.

Sara Myers Dora, DO, 64 (MSUCOM 1977), of Muskegon, Michigan, died May 1. Visit Dr. Dora’s online guest book.

Doran A. Farnum, DO, 102 (ATSU-KCOM 1936), of San Juan Capistrano, California, died April 30. View Dr. Farnum’s online guest book. Last year, The DO wrote about Dr. Farnum and his 78-year career.

Anthony C. Granell, DO, PhD, 66 (NSU-COM 1989), of Lutz, Florida, died May 15.

Lester H. James, DO, 88 (KCUMB-COM 1953), of Wichita, Kansas, died April 29. Visit Dr. James’ online guest book.

Daniel E. Konold, DO, 53 (OU-HCOM 1988), of Canal Winchester, Ohio, died May 14. Visit Dr. Konold’s online guest book.

Robert B. Maggiano, DO, 60 (WVSOM 1985), of Fort Myers, Florida, died April 6. Visit Dr. Maggiano’s online guest book.

Dennis Mallory, DO, 75 (DMU-COM 1973), of Toledo, Iowa, died May 18. Visit Dr. Mallory’s online guest book.

Robert W. Nebergall, DO, 60 (DMU-COM 1981), of Tulsa, Oklahoma, died May 9.

Robert J. Sawicki, DO, 64 (ATSU-KCOM 1976), of Warren, New Jersey, died May 9.

Oliver W. Shelksohn, DO, 71 (KCUMB-COM 1972), of Tucson, Arizona, died May 20. Visit Dr. Shelksohn’s online guest book.

William E. Shiels, DO, 61 (PCOM 1983), of Dublin, Ohio, died May 5. Visit Dr. Shiels’ online guest book.

William J. Stalcup, DO, 66 (OSU-COM 1977), of Idaho Falls, Idaho, died April 14. Visit Dr. Stalcup’s online guest book.

Dwight A. Wagenknecht, DO, 58 (ATSU-KCOM 1986), of Nevada, Missouri, died May 25. Visit Dr. Wagenknecht’s online guest book.


  1. d. m. pennington, DO

    i would like you to have a link where one could type in a persons name and find their death notice. i need to look up some deceased DO’s, but can not remember the exact month or year of death. in this system you can only look up archived notices by the month it was published. thank you

  2. Rose Raymond

    Hi Dr. Pennington,

    My condolences for your loss. You can look up DOs by name by using our search function, which is at the top right of this page and the home page. Click on the magnifying glass icon underneath the AOA logo and type in the name of the individual you wish to look up, then hit enter. The person’s In Memoriam column will appear in the search results.

    Many thanks,


  3. George Wolters, DO

    Perhaps the pop up ad that occupies the screen for 17 seconds before allowing access to the memoriam section is a bit disrespectful. Are the ad fees that important?

  4. Michael E. Fitzgerald

    The American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) is proud to count Doran A. Farnum, DO, FAAO, as one of its first fellows and one of the first Pioneers in Osteopathy inducted by the AAO, The Osteopathic Cranial Academy and the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation.
    The AAO was privileged to have Dr. Farnum as a member since 1949, and it was honored that one of our members was the world’s oldest osteopathic physicians.
    Upon learning the news of Dr. Farnum’s death, the AAO’s 2015-16 president, Doris B. Newman, DO, FAAO, responded, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr Farnum’s family and friends. We were privileged to have such a wonderful colleague for so long.”
    Former AAO president John C. Glover, DO, FAAO, observed “He was a wonderful man–an excellent osteopathic physician–and he will be missed.”
    “It was a privilege to know him,” added Dennis J. Dowling, DO, FAAO, who also served the AAO as president. “His career was remarkable.”
    For more on Dr. Farnum, see the June issue of “AAO Member News” at http://digital.turn-page.com/i/532218-june-2015/2.

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