Five States Issue

Does your state require additional steps for DO licensure?

If you want to practice in one of the 5 states with extra requirements, here are 7 things you should know.

  1. Osteopathic medical licensing boards in the following five states have additional requirements for applicants who complete residencies in ACGME progams: Pennsylvania, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan and Oklahoma.
  2. DOs who wish to practice in these states should be aware that their osteopathic medical licensing boards may require them to take additional steps before a license is issued.
  3. The AOA can provide assistance if you completed postdoctoral training in an ACGME program and want to be licensed in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan or Oklahoma.
  4. DOs can obtain AOA recognition of ACGME training, which in many cases will satisfy the requirements for licensure in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma.
  5. In West Virginia, ACGME-trained applicants are required to complete 40 hours of CME in osteopathic medicine with osteopathic manipulative treatment in AOA-approved category 1-A courses. Obtaining AOA recognition of ACGME training does not resolve this requirement.
  6. As the AOA transitions to the new single accreditation system, the AOA will continue to work with these five states to address this issue.
  7. States that have additional requirements for DOs completing an ACGME program will need to address changes in postgraduate training, while continuing to recognize the DOs who complete AOA-approved training as eligible for licensure.

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