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Video: What mobile apps help you practice better?

“I can’t tell you how much apps and mobile devices have changed the way I practice medicine,” said Robert Hasty, DO.

During the AOA House of Delegates’ meeting, The DO caught up with physicians and students who have traded in stacks of hefty reference books for sleek, efficient mobile apps.

Among other functions, the apps help them quickly research drug interactions, find information for patients and teach residents.

“I can’t tell you how much apps and mobile devices have changed the way I practice medicine. … I use probably about 20 or 30 apps,” said North Carolina delegate Robert T. Hasty, DO.

DOs and students recommended the following apps:

  • Epocrates: Allows physicians to check drug interactions and access clinical practice guideline updates.
  • GoodRx: Provides pharmacy price comparisons along with pharmacy and drug manufacturer coupons.
  • Mediquations: Allows users to quickly make a number of medical calculations.
  • BMI Calculator: Calculates a person’s BMI using his or her height, weight and age.
  • Blaufuss Sound Builder: A heart sounds and murmurs app that facilitates self-study and teaching of cardiac exams.
  • UpToDate: Provides the latest synthesized, evidence-based medical recommendations.

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  1. Rodney M. Wiseman, D.O., FACOFP dist

    Perhaps an oversight, maybe not enough advertising, but any osteopathic physician and their patients would benefit form the ACOFP DO OMT app and the ACOFP Reflex app. You are able to find these on the website.
    Rodney Wiseman D.O., FACOFP, dist

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