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In Memoriam: July 6, 2012

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.

The following list of deceased osteopathic physicians includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify The DO of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to thedo@osteopathic.org.

Anthony W. Cincotta, DO, 64 (DMU-COM 1986), of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., died July 19, 2011.

Arthur A. Clevenger, DO, RPH, 88 (DMU-COM 1958), of Yakima, Wash., died Nov. 10, 2011. Visit Dr. Clevenger’s online guest book.

Esther G. Cruz, DO, 48 (ATSU-KCOM 1993), of San Antonio died June 14. Visit Dr. Cruz’s online guest book.

D.R. Daciuk, DO, 76 (ATSU-KCOM 1961), of Traverse City, Mich., died Nov. 11, 2011.

Benjamin Lee Gill, DO, 72 (ATSU-KCOM 1963), of Akron, Ohio, died Feb. 19, 2011.

Louis A. Hanson, DO, 60 (OSU-COM 1977), of Durham, Maine, died June 24. Visit Dr. Hanson’s online guest book.

Thomas E. Hare, DO, 67 (KCUMB-COM 1978), of Springfield, Mo., died Nov. 18, 2011.

George P. Jaeger, DO, 79 (PCOM 1965), of Clarion, Pa., died Nov. 15, 2011. Visit Dr. Jaeger’s online guest book.

John L. Johnston, DO, 89 (ATSU-KCOM 1952), of Lincoln University, Pa., died Dec. 22, 2011. Visit Dr. Johnston’s online guest book.

Shawn A. Kersh, DO, 41 (OSU-COM 1999), of Inverness, Fla., died May 25. Visit Dr. Kersh’s online guest book.

Kenji G. Kitagawa, DO, 53 (ATSU-KCOM 1985), of Denver died Oct. 24, 2011. Visit Dr. Kitagawa’s online guest book.

Donald F. Mason, DO, 85 (KCUMB-COM 1950), of Ormond Beach, Fla., died April 22. Visit Dr. Mason’s online guest book.

Charles W. Ongena, DO, 63 (DMU-COM 1973), of Richmond, Mich., died March 11.

J. Thomas O’Shea, DO, 73 (ATSU-KCOM 1965), of Fort Worth, Texas, died Oct. 11, 2011.

Otto Keith Pauley, DO, 95 (ATSU-KCOM 1941), of Seattle died Dec. 20, 2011. Visit Dr. Pauley’s online guest book.

Mahlon L. Ponitz, DO, 89 (ATSU-KCOM 1944), of Azle, Texas, died June 3, 2011. Visit Dr. Ponitz’s online guest book.

Allison P. Ryan, DO, 55 (MWU/CCOM 1996), of Las Vegas died May 15.

Anthony J. Saraceni, DO, 49 (PCOM 1988), of Auburn, Pa., died Oct. 29, 2011. Visit Dr. Saraceni’s online guest book.

John V. Swan, DO, 65 (ATSU-KCOM 1977), of Cumming, Ga., died Nov. 20, 2011. Visit Dr. Swan’s online guest book.

Joe Bill Webber, DO, 87 (ATSU-KCOM 1958), of Kansas City, Mo., died Jan. 18. Visit Dr. Webber’s online guest book.

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