Crunching the numbers

Chart: Doctors top health care providers in education and training

As efforts to expand nonphysician clinicians’ scope of practice continue, the AOA and AMA examine training requirements for different professions.

In recent years, many different types of non-physician clinicians have sought to practice medicine independently of physicians, despite the fact that doctor training requirements are significantly more rigorous and comprehensive.

So far this year, the AOA helped defeat scope-of-practice expansion efforts in Indiana, Hawaii and New Hampshire. The AOA opposes any legislation or regulations that would authorize the independent practice of medicine by an individual who has not completed the state’s requirements for physician licensure.

Non-physician clinicians are highly skilled professionals who are essential to the the health care system. Their education and training are not equal to that required for fully licensed physicians, and the AOA supports their work in physician-led health care teams. The chart below shows the stark contrast between doctor training requirements and those of other health care professionals.

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