Great debate

Does it matter if doctors wear white coats?

Dressing to impress

From germs to patient perception: Here’s what to consider when you’re considering the traditional physician garb. DOs who proudly wear their white coats and those whose coats live in their closets both weigh in. “I’m not opposed to physicians taking off their white coats in the office as they see appropriate, but it still sends a loud message about who we are and what we stand for in medicine,” says Anita Showalter, DO, associate dean at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

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  1. I wear a white coat EVERY day in the office.
    I think it establishes the professional character of medicine. Many patients, especially the older set, tend to expect the white coat tradition.
    It also protects my clothing from body fluid splatters.
    I think med schools should continue to require white coat attire in school and clinic. Symbols matter….a lot.

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