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#ProudDO spotlight: ‘As DOs, it’s our responsibility to honor our profession’

What makes you a #ProudDO? AOA president John W. Becher, DO, wants to know.

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  1. Dr. Love, we are proud of you! However as good as you are, in Canada, they do not recognize the AOA residencies and the AOA (and ABMS)board certifications in applying for the medical license. You will have the rights to care for a Canadian Prime Minister while in Texas, but, in Canada they say you are not qualified. I have written to politicians at the AOA and Washington for the past five years with no results to focus on this issue.
    But, the Canadian Residencies and Canadian Board Certifications are good enough to obtain a medical license in the USA (make no mistake Canadian Medical schools and residencies are not any better than the AOA system)!
    I urge all of you to write to all of your local and federal politicians to fix this apartheid practice.

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