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October 2007

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Family practice: Sons and daughters follow their parents—and grandparents—into osteopathic medicine

Families of DOs share their memories of growing up with an understanding of osteopathic principles and practice and great pride in the osteopathic medical profession.

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The road behind, ahead: Where the profession has been—and where it needs to go

Delivering the 62nd Andrew Taylor Still Memorial Address during the AOA House of Delegates’ meeting in Chicago, T. Eugene Zachary, DO, describes how the profession has changed in the nearly 50 years he has been practicing osteopathic medicine and offers suggestions for how the profession can become even stronger.


Newsbriefs—Two DOs receive AOA’s highest award

During the opening session of the 112th Annual AOA Convention and Scientific Seminar in San Diego, the AOA honored two osteopathic physicians with its Distinguished Service Certificate: John A. Cifala, DO, of Arlington, Va., and Stanley Schiowitz, DO, of Great Neck, N.Y.

President’s Voice—Promoting fitness, wellness, preventive care

AOA President Peter B. Ajluni, DO, cites statistics from the 2006 Shape of the Nation Report, which condemns the story state of physical education in American schools.

Executive Director’s Desk—Sunny days ahead for osteopathic medical education: Why not?

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, presents his views on osteopathic medical education.

To the Point—Decipher this: F U N E M N X? S, I F M N X. OK, I 1 2 F M N 2 X.

Arnold Melnick, DO, calls attention to the excessive use of abbreviations in patients’ charts and other forms of medical communication.