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March 2009

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Dawning of the next generation: New DOs bring fresh ideas, expectations to practice

Sometimes bristling against the habits of their predecessors, younger DOs are redefining what it means to be an osteopathic physician—in small ways and large.

Other features

Passion for learning: DOs further their education to the nth degree

Even with the demands of clinical practice and medical training, DOs and students find plenty of good reasons to pursue an additional advanced degree … or two or three.


Newsbriefs—Physician-driven Web resource debuts

The collaborative online medical encyclopedia Medpedia launches. In addition, the FSMB is looking for a DO or MD to serve as its president and CEO.

President’s Voice—Fighting scope of practice expansion of nonphysicians

In the early months of 2009, the AOA has been busy battling ever-increasing attempts by nonphysician clinicians, especially nurse practitioners, to expand their scopes of practice.

Executive Director’s Desk—More change we can believe in: A ‘home’ for every patient

The AOA is advancing the patient-centered medical home concept as a key component of healthcare reform.

To the Point—SOS in communication

Even experienced speakers sometimes slip up in giving speeches.

OMS Spotlight—Well past midlife, UNECOM student just getting started

A former Baptist minister, psychotherapist and ambulance driver, 57-year-old Patrick W. Conway, OMS II, of UNECOM embarks on his longtime dream to become a physician.

AOA at Work

In early March, the AOA Board of Trustees voted unanimously to oppose the UNTHSC’s decision to explore adding an allopathic medical program.