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June 2009

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Lessons from ’round the world: DOs reflect on pros, cons of foreign healthcare systems

As the Obama administration and the US Congress grapple with how to provide health care coverage to more than 47 million uninsured Americans, U.S.-trained DOs who have practiced in other countries weigh in on how universal health care is faring abroad.

Other features

Antique-shop find offers fresh glimpse of profession’s past

Tucked away in a drawer in a Kirksville, Mo., antique shop, a century-old notebook reveals lessons from some of the profession’s seminal physicians.


Newsbriefs—In birth, Baby Noah leads Kirksville parents out of storm’s path

Only a few hours before her home was destroyed by a deadly tornado, Sarah Hellmann, OMS III, rushed to the hospital after going into labor.

President’s Voice—Strengthening graduate medical training

Several bills recently introduced in Congress would benefit individual graduate medical trainees, training programs and the medical profession as a whole.

Editor’s Voice—The DO is moving to the Net

The DO will leap into a new online format in October.

Executive Director’s Desk—Managing the AOA during a recession: A marathon, not a spring

After steep investment losses in the last fiscal year, the AOA is making steady progress.

To the Point—Clients and patients

Physicians must separate the needs of patients from the wants of their caregivers.

OMS Spotlight

In August, SOMA will debut a Web resource students can use to search for elective rotations.