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June 2007

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Covering the uninsured: Profession weighs in on what needs to be done

While the majority of working-age U.S. adults receive health insurance coverage through their employers, many fall through the cracks of the nation’s health system. “As physicians, we can agree that everyone should have healthcare coverage,” one DO observes. “But the question is how to best provide and pay for healthcare services in a country that values competition and free enterprise.”

Other features

Rallying for patients, profession: DOs, students promote healthcare priorities during DO Day on Capitol Hill

Divided into delegations by state, 635 DOs, osteopathic medical students and other members of the profession took part in more than 300 congressional visits during the AOA’s annual DO Day on Capitol Hill in April.


Newsbriefs—Former AOA president Mervin E. Meck, DO, dies

The AOA’s 1983-84 president, Mervin E. Meck, DO, died April 9 in Marion, Va., at the age of 89. During his long career of service to the profession, Dr Meck led a state association as president and later as executive director, and he was the first executive director of the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

President’s Voice—Thank you

AOA President John A. Strosnider, DO, thanks readers for their well-wishes and details the Rally for Greatness held during Hill Day.

Executive Director’s Desk—Stirring the soul

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, takes stock of the legacy of AOA President John A. Strosnider, DO.

To the Point—Supress the sesquipedalians

Arnold Melnick, DO, warns against using sesquipedalian—or big—terms when small ones will do.

OMS Spotlight—Virginia Tech tragedy a test like no other

In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history, VCOM students and faculty got to work.

OMS Spotlight—SOMA bids farewell to two-term leader

Former SOMA president Marty Knott, DO, knows how to achieve his goals, but he knows how to have fun too, writes Alfredo L. Rabines, DO, in a tribute.