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July 2007

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The tug of war: Pioneering DOs reflect on their service 40 years after being drafted

Forty years ago, 111 young osteopathic physicians were drafted into the US Army and US Navy. They were among the first group of DOs to serve as medical officers in the armed forces. As DO pioneers, the stories they tell are much more than tales of war: They are the fabric of osteopathic medical history.

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Educators grapple with profession’s rapid growth

With class sizes projected to increase by 25.4% during the next five years, educators are debating how to ensure that the profession can provide enough quality internships and residencies for its escalating number of graduates.

San Diego in sight: Local DOs, students highlight what to see, do, taste in AOA convention’s host city

To help convention-goers locate San Diego’s treasures, hidden or otherwise, The DO surveyed members of the profession who know the city well.


Newsbriefs—AOA President John A. Strosnider, DO, dies in office

The AOA’s 2006-07 president, John A. Strosnider, DO, died of pancreatic cancer on June 21, one month before his term would have expired. Dr Strosnider, who was diagnosed with cancer in early April, was 59. Peter B. Ajluni, DO, of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., was sworn in as the AOA’s 111th president.

President’s Voice—Great challenges, great strides

In his final column, 2006-07 AOA President John A. Strosnider, DO, reviews his year in office.

Executive Director’s Desk—Getting the right people on the bus: A tribute to AOA leaders, staff

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, pays tribute to AOA leaders and staff.

To the Point—Be brief and be courteous

Speeches, for the most part, should be kept to the shortest possible length that will convey your message, writes Arnold Melnick, DO.

OMS Spotlight—PCSOM students spruce up piece of history

Anya Cope, OMS II, led a group of friends and family members in pulling weeds, planting shrubs and painting picnic tables in A.T. Still Memorial Park in Jonesville, Va.