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January 2009

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Independence days: Going it alone, DO finds less equals more

Adam P. Lauer, DO, leaves a corporate practice behind to pursue his dream of a solo family practice. "Under the corporate model, physician and patient frustration runs high. If both physicians and patients are unhappy, why practice this way?" he writes.

Time is now: Nation’s leaders more poised than ever to reform healthcare

Now is the time for leaders to come together to fix the country’s broken healthcare system, according to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, JD, D-Ore. "Our nation needs to provide real healthcare for our citizens instead of the ‘sick care’ it offers today," he writes.

Road to reform: Patient-driven healthcare the key to transformation

Providing accessible healthcare requires giving patients back the power to make medical decisions, explains U.S. Rep. Tom Price, MD, R-Ga. "Having navigated the federal healthcare system as a physician for more than two decades, I understand that a Washington-controlled solution cannot provide the positive change we need," he writes.

Presidential briefing: With change in the air, DO gives on-the-ground account of healthcare

Neil Spiegel, DO, provides Barack Obama some insight into the US healthcare system from a physician’s perspective. "More and more physicians in my area are leaving the system and not taking insurance, and I believe this trend will continue," Dr Spiegel notes.

Other features

History bureau’s essay competition targets five new core principles

To entice osteopathic medical students, interns and residents to study their profession’s past struggles and achievements, the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic History and Identity is conducting its fifth annual history essay competition.


President’s Voice—Saving OGME in Oklahoma

Actions taken by the AOA helped bring an Oklahoma hospital back from the bring of closure and save dozens of internship, residency and fellowship positions.

Executive Director’s Desk—Dear AOA members: We will not only survive but thrive

The outlook may seem bleak, but with sound fiscal judgment and inspiring leadership, the AOA will weather the economic crisis.

To the Point—‘I would like to introduce … ’

Match your introduction to the occasion when presenting a speaker to an audience.

OMS Spotlight—Called to serve: VCOM faculty, students treat patients in flood-ravaged Honduras

Nearly 50 osteopathic medical students, faculty and staff members from VCOM journeyed across the globe during Thanksgiving recess to provide emergency medical services for victims in flood-ravaged Honduras.