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Rules and Regulations

How will the ACA impact physicians? Nobody knows, economist says

The law's finer details aren't finalized yet, says economist Gail Wilensky, PhD, so physicians can help shape them.

Washington state’s new drug monitoring program pits safety against privacy

DOs in the state are divided over the merits of the new initiative, which is one of dozens in the U.S. intended to curb drug abuse.

Florida DOs welcome, wary of constraints under new ‘pill mill’ law

Some DOs worry about the law's unintended consequences, curbs on physician autonomy and effects on patient access to medication.

Florida’s ‘watered down’ law curbing firearms inquiries OK with FOMA

In a palatable compromise for FOMA, new law places weak restrictions on physicians' right to ask patients about guns in the home.

Physicians rebuff Medicare’s new accountable care organizations

DOs cite program’s financial risks, administrative burdens: “Physicians are not going to go for this.”

Somatic, semantic distinctions: DOs try to come to terms with manual therapists

Non-DOs touting “osteopathic” services spur debate over profession’s policy on teaching manual techniques.

DOs praise comparative effectiveness research despite uncertainties

DOs are encouraged, but questions linger about a public-private entity overseeing the research enterprise.

Poll: If payment cut takes hold, 1 in 4 DOs to stop seeing Medicare patients

AOA-commissioned poll shows that patients' access to care is threatened by the Medicare physician payment cuts set for June 1.

DOs divided over reform legislation

With emotions ranging from relief to fury, osteopathic physicians have been voicing their views on the landmark health care law.

As NPs push for expanded practice rights, physicians push back

A vocal segment of nurse practitioners has relentlessly pursued practice autonomy and other practice rights despite having less training than physicians.

Optimism on Medicare payment freeze moderated by dismay on permanent fix

The AOA is "deeply concerned" that Congress will again only patch a deeply rooted flaw in Medicare physician reimbursement.

Complement or threat? Naturopathic doctors aim to fill holistic healing niche

Naturopaths tout themselves as primary care doctors who can help remedy the country’s burgeoning physician shortage.