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U.S. Rep. Joe Heck, DO, leverages his emergency medicine skills in Congress

Medical, veterans, district issues drive Nevada's first-term congressman: “I read every bill and never miss a vote.”

Anti-nuclear DO a go-to media source in aftermath of Japan disaster

Jeffrey J. Patterson, DO, has conducted more than 40 interviews with radio, television, print and Web-based media outlets.

Overlooked and underplayed: Profession fights to promote itself better

Despite better press coverage of osteopathic medicine than in the past, slights and oversights persist. Take a look at what the profession is doing to boost its profile.

Audio slide show: ‘Schoolhouse docs’

When germs were "yucky stuff": Watch and listen as DOs and osteopathic medical students teach elementary school kids about medicine. Two minutes, 22 seconds.

Audio slide show: Media boot camp for health policy fellows

On April 18, DOs and others in the profession’s Health Policy Fellowship program practiced simplifying complex medical topics for mass consumption.