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In the Field

For the love of the game: DO team physicians on highs, lows of their craft

Do you dream of sharing a team's wins and losses and accompanying them to the Olympics? DO team physicians open up about the role.

Mayo Clinic leader brings patient-focused research expertise to the JAOA

In his research, JAOA Editor-In-Chief Robert Orenstein, DO, aims to improve clinical outcomes. He wants JAOA articles to do the same.

Under African skies: DOs face health risks to treat patients most in need

DOs practicing in Sierra Leone, Malawi and Kenya say their desire to help patients trumps the elevated threat of disease.

Hero Next Door: How a NASA flight surgeon takes care of astronauts

NASA flight surgeon Richard Scheuring, DO, supports shuttle launches and cares for astronauts—when not practicing space walks with them.

Hero Next Door: DO revamping geriatric medicine in northwest Pa.

James Lin, DO, is overseeing construction of a state-of-the-art 138-bed senior living center designed with patient comfort in mind.

Hero Next Door: DO broke ground in education, South Africa

Karen Steele, DO, created a new OPP-focused admin position at WVSOM. She was also the first DO registered in South Africa.

Hero Next Door: DO uses roller derby to spread anti-bullying message

Pediatrician Ellen Lauer, DO, travels central Maine teaching students the dangers of bullying and the joys of roller derby.

Hero Next Door: California DO calls it a career at age 101

Doran A. Farnum, DO, ended a 78-year career last fall without much fanfare. “Doran is a quiet, soft-spoken, very sweet man,” a colleague says.

Beyond the stethoscope: DOs, students excel in nonmedical pursuits

Medicine attracts goal-oriented individuals who pursue their careers with gusto. Some DOs apply equal fervor to their avocations.

When patients have the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu

Ted Schwartzenfeld, DO, who has treated Detroit's visiting musicians since 1977, shares his insights on working with celebrities.

Hero Next Door: DO entrepreneur makes room for civic leadership, mentoring

Last November, Keith Leaphart, DO, received the 2013 Vision for Philadelphia Award in part for his civic and philanthropic initiatives.

Retirement: What life after medicine looks like for 4 DOs

Ready to embrace your golden years or transition from practicing medicine? Retired DOs advise pursuing your passions.