Letters to the Editor

Stem the tide of ‘allopathic’ DOs

A DO laments that the profession has forgotten its roots and “adopted all the characteristics of MDs.”

Unity must prevail

To meet medicine’s challenges ahead, the profession “must move forward in a unified effort,“ writes a state association director.

Continuous certification: When boards say jump, physicians might not

“We are growing weary of complying with mandate after mandate,” family physician writes.

Misuse of osteopathic in nonphysician titles a setback for profession in Canada

Osteopathic International Alliance’s liberal acceptance of nonphysician groups isn't helping, say two Canadian DO leaders.

California bill would restore autonomy to DO licensing board

SB 1050 would remove the two ND positions from the California board.

Respect naturopathic medicine and its role in primary care

"Most NDs work closely with DOs, sometimes in the same practice, and typically hold each other in high regard," writes Arlan Cage, ND.

Are we that invisible?

Why wasn't osteopathic medicine mentioned in an article on lower back pain?

Treat patients—don’t kill them

I agree to stand by the osteopathic oath: "I will give no drugs for deadly purposes to any person, though it may be asked of me."

Protecting our rights of conscience

In the debate over physician-hastened death, physicians should agree on one issue: the right to practice according to one's conscience.