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Reminder: Patients are our purpose, not interruptions

In business, you must treat customers fairly and kindly if you expect them to return. The same goes for medicine, writes Arnold Melnick, DO.

The general practitioner—time for another look?

How can we balance supply and demand in primary care? One potential solution could be to revive the general practitioner.

What we ‘knew’ then

Medical history tells us that much of what we “know” to be true today may be proved false in the future.

Can schools train students as well as the Navy trains pilots?

“We have the same basic goal as the U.S. Navy but with a different target,” a PCOM professor writes.

Comprehensive intervention for the cholera epidemic in Haiti

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  • Sept. 22, 2011

To control future outbreaks, the authors propose a series of improvements in public health, community education and acute care.

Six months of the Affordable Care Act: Real rights, protections and benefits

Millions of Americans are already reaping rewards from the health reform law, writes HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Comparing treatment outcomes will only improve them

"Studying outcomes will help lower the chance that physicians will be wrong," writes the AHRQ director.