Executive Director’s Desk

AOA will ‘aggressively’ pursue options to ensure DOs’ access to ACGME training

Video: Getting the ACGME to withdraw or amend the proposed rule is the AOA’s “No. 1 priority.”

National osteopathic advocacy—the AOA arena for reform

The DOs and students in their white coats who stormed Capitol Hill are the key to ensuring that the AOA has a seat at the health policy table.

AOA governance goes hand in hand with profession’s progress

The AOA’s constitution and bylaws set a high standard of governance for AOA operations.

The AOA’s New Year’s resolutions

Increasing OGME, expanding practice management resources and widening the profession's media reach top the AOA's goals for 2012.

AOA helps drive continuous quality improvement

Congress, federal agencies and organizations across the country are pushing for continuous quality improvement—and so is the AOA.

Making no little plans: AOA practice management services for DOs

The AOA provides wealth of resources to help DOs excel in the business of medicine, writes AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD.

Trinity of leaders transform the AOA

The AOA has a strategic plan, a leadership team to implement it, a strategic budget with no debt, and a vision transform the profession.

AOA’s commitment: Boosting the workforce to meet nation’s needs

The AOA is committed to creating a strong physician workforce to provide accessible, osteopathic medical care.

Knights and knaves: Reflecting on a year of health care reform

“Perhaps we need to change how the public views the role of physicians within our health care system,” writes John B. Crosby, JD.

A new year at the AOA Midyear: ‘Game ready’ to achieve greatness

The AOA has vowed to make 2011 the year it accomplishes all of its resolutions.

Video address: The AOA’s New Year’s resolutions

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, lists the AOA’s priorities for 2011 and previews the AOA Board’s midyear meeting.

Team-based approach transforms AOA’s strategic plan

AOA's three-year plan will serve all DOs and the profession as a whole, writes John B. Crosby, JD.