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I am Ironman: How I finished a 140.6-mile race during med school

"Ironman, just like medical school, has taught me that each day, I am capable of more than I imagine," writes Lindsay Ercole, OMS I.

Hero Next Door: Early interest in quality of life inspired med student

Michael Erickson, OMS III, spent his youth caring for his ailing grandparents. The experience led him to pursue medicine.

Our mission to Guatemala was grueling—and I can’t wait to go back

Despite the discomforts and even dangers, Jeffrey Tsai, OMS II, felt renewed by the medical mission.

RowanSOM clinic: Come for the OMM, stay to learn about osteopathic medicine

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  • Jan. 29

Seeking to raise awareness of osteopathic medicine and improve their skills, students at RowanSOM started a free community OMM clinic.

What surprised you most about your first semester of medical school?

Five first-years detail their greatest revelations about medical school—and what these insights taught them about themselves.

Yes, I fibbed about wanting to practice in a rural area—and now I might want to

Did you sell yourself as a rural health enthusiast to get into med school? This student did, and here's what she learned afterward.

How I survived the first 2 years of medical school

An OMS III reflects on the mistakes she made in her first two years and the survival tactics she picked up along the way.

NFL player trades pads for short coat after family medical crisis

Former Cleveland Browns defensive end Simon Fraser, OMS III, found his new calling in the neonatal intensive care unit.

How working with addicts taught me the art of bedside manner

Shawn Silver, OMS II, worried he wouldn't be able to relate to his future patients. Here's how he overcame his fear.

Med students left out of note-writing process in clerkships

Medicare rules and increased scrutiny of hospitals contribute to the trend, writes Timothy Beals, OMS IV.

How I spent my summer vacation: A research fellowship, dissected

"Pathology research fellowships aren't just for aspiring pathologists," writes Shan Desai, OMS II.

Diary of a premed: ‘The call that changed my life’

Here's what one new medical student is doing to get ready for school.