Reminder: Patients are our purpose, not interruptions

In business, you must treat customers fairly and kindly if you expect them to return. The same goes for medicine, writes Arnold Melnick, DO.

The general practitioner—time for another look?

How can we balance supply and demand in primary care? One potential solution could be to revive the general practitioner.

The AOA tipping point: Transforming from one great era to the next

As John B. Crosby, JD, prepares to retire later this month, he writes that he's confident the AOA will be left in good hands.

Plowing a better field for the best-trained physicians in the world

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, takes a look at how osteopathic graduate medical education is evolving.

Stem the tide of ‘allopathic’ DOs

A DO laments that the profession has forgotten its roots and “adopted all the characteristics of MDs.”

Building miracles with research

The AOA is advancing research through several initiatives, including a new 10-year strategic plan for research. But these efforts still are not enough.

Unity must prevail

To meet medicine’s challenges ahead, the profession “must move forward in a unified effort,“ writes a state association director.

Advocacy in the arena: Advancing osteopathic philosophy and practice

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, outlines the ways the AOA advocates for DOs locally, federally and globally.

Retirement reflections: How to strengthen the osteopathic family

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, who has announced he’ll retire this summer, presents “a few ideas to ponder when I'm gone.”

The need for professional unity—past, present and future

“By hanging together, we have faced the challenges of the past and present and are prepared for those ahead,” writes AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD.

The ACGME agreement and you

AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD, writes that a unified accreditation system “will strengthen—not threaten—the osteopathic medical profession.”

‘Likes’ and tweets help connect profession

Social media sites encourage osteopathic medicine's culture of family and unity, writes AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD.