Patient Care

DOs share advice on managing patients with diabetes mellitus

“The distinction between type 1 and type 2 is very much blurring, which is across-the-board confusing to physicians and patients,” DO says.

Beyond the stethoscope: DOs, students excel in nonmedical pursuits

Medicine attracts goal-oriented individuals who pursue their careers with gusto. Some DOs apply equal fervor to their avocations.

Avoiding pitfalls in caring for patients with asthma

Although the disease is under-diagnosed overall, many physicians make an initial diagnosis of asthma too readily.

When patients have the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu

Ted Schwartzenfeld, DO, who has treated Detroit's visiting musicians since 1977, shares his insights on working with celebrities.

An ocean away: The story of how osteopathy crossed the Atlantic

Around the world, nonphysician osteopaths practice manipulation. Here's how the trend got started.

Hero Next Door: DO entrepreneur makes room for civic leadership, mentoring

Last November, Keith Leaphart, DO, received the 2013 Vision for Philadelphia Award in part for his civic and philanthropic initiatives.

Retirement: What life after medicine looks like for 4 DOs

Ready to embrace your golden years or transition from practicing medicine? Retired DOs advise pursuing your passions.

Excelling under pressure: DOs share their insights, strategies

With the mounting demands of medical care today, physicians need to be more efficient than ever.

Family medicine lures with variety, strong relationships, growing influence

“I tell students that in family medicine, you can tailor your practice to whatever you want,” says Nancy Bono, DO.

Hero Next Door: Veteran shares her story of PTSD and recovery

A former Navy flight surgeon seeks to help others by speaking about her PTSD and her healing process.

Hero Next Door: DO establishes network of urgent care centers for underserved

Raised by his great-great grandmother in rural Mississippi, Eugene Allen, DO, grew up understanding the effects of poverty.

Have stethoscope, will travel: Despite hassles, DOs embrace life abroad

From the rolling hills of rural New Zealand to the mountains of southern Ethiopia, these DOs found a whole new world of health care.