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In and around the profession: Dec. 3

Pikeville (Ky.) College is guaranteeing admission to PCSOM to select Kentucky high school students who meet certain requirements while earning a bachelor’s degree at the college. AOA Trustee Boyd R. Buser, DO, PCSOM’s vice president and dean, tells WYMT-TV that the program will attract “the type of students we want in our medical school.”

J. Patrick Bertroche, DO, announced his candidacy in 2010 for Iowa’s 3rd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

George A. Reuther, the chief operating officer of the AOA’s Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, will be a panelist next Wednesday on a Modern Healthcare webcast about medical errors.

In memoriam

Arthur E. Borchardt, DO, 91 (DMU-COM 1940), of Yakima, Wash., died Oct. 25.

Wilber T. Huls, DO, 85 (DMU-COM 1947), of Hume, Mo., died Nov. 16.

Harold S. Jones, DO, 79 (KCUMB-COM 1946), of Raymond, Maine, died Oct. 22.

David S.A. McElroy, DO, 58 (WesternU/COMP 1983), of Texarkana, Texas, died Nov. 5.

Walter C. Mill, DO, 79 (DMU-COM 1950), of Denver died Nov. 10.

Judith Braxmeier Page, DO, 55 (KCUMB-COM 1984), of Yakima, Wash., died Nov. 17.

Warren L. Schildberg, DO, 79 (KCOM 1960), of Garden City, Mich., died Dec. 1.

Maureen G. Thomson, DO, 59 (MSUCOM 1982), of Seattle died Sept. 16.


Jeffery Burl Bushman, DO, of Willcox, Ariz., picked up two awards this fall for his service as a preceptor.


Lary L. Ciesemier, DO, and Kelly David Halma, DO, have been named associate professors at KCOM.


On Page 50 of the September issue of The DO, the date of final day the AOA Board of Trustees’ midyear meeting was incorrect. The meeting will be held Feb. 4-6, 2010. The DO regrets the error.