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In and around the profession: Nov. 25

In the media

“Despite impassioned pleas of osteopathic physicians from across the nation,” the University of North Texas is moving ahead with plans to establish an allopathic medical school on the campus of UNTHSC/TCOM, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reports. “You don’t need it, you can’t afford it and it’s not the right thing to do,” said AOA Executive Director John B. Crosby, JD.

“Most research in America is run by doctors who are trying to dabble in research,” says Jeffrey Kenneth Kingsley, DO, in an interview about his clinical research management firm, which he founded in 2005 with Joseph G. Surber, DO. “We run research like a business.

VCOM is helping establish a new family medicine residency program at Danville (Va.) Regional Medical Center, where trainees get more hands-on experience than at city hospitals, an administrator says students tell her. The article quotes John M. Kauffman Jr., DO, Stacy L. Lahti, DO, and Puraj P. Patel, OMS IV.

In memoriam

Robert L. Kirk, DO, 92 (DMU-COM 1952), of Sebring, Ohio, died Nov. 18.

Harry L. Myer, DO, 87 (KCOM 1946), of Vienna, W.Va., died Nov. 18.

Chester R. Owens, DO, 88 (DMU-COM 1953), of Burley, Idaho, died Nov. 19.

And finally

In downtown Chicago on Monday, the AOA dedicated its new, stainless-steel street sign, a gift from the American Osteopathic Foundation. The AOA called the sign, which has three facades and two electronic displays, “stunning.” Watch the audio slide show to see the sign and get an idea of how many people walk past it every day.

Audio slide show by Patrick Sinco. Watch the large version.